When life gets bored there will be always a thought of taking a break from everything else and go on a trip, most of the time it will be just a thought because of the expenses involved, But have you ever planned for a trip to Wayanad.
The first breath i took in Wayanad it was blissful and was excited of the fact that my thought actually became a reality now. Wayanad have so many great green places to visit with interesting elements on each spot.
The Edakkal caves is truly an experience to cherish, the slope you climb and the turns you take on 1,200 ft above sea level is worth for the scenery and the encounter you have with the history of the land and the tribal culture make the place even more interesting.
After your eyes had a treat its sure a time to treat your taste buds, the amazing cuisine of Kerala blends with the nature there to pop up your all senses, if you are a non vegetarian lover you wont feel empty by having the traditional veg cuisine the land will offer. The amazing flavoured curries and the sides with the rice of its kind will sure give you a pleasant experience.
So don’t be so confused or stressed when hell breaks loose, you do have a backup plan. And by the way you can thank me later after your visit.

Grasping Graphic Design

What will you do when you have to convey something really important to someone but you don’t know their language, uhhhhh!
Ok before you hurt yourself let me tell you there is a way that you can communicate even without opening your mouth,
“Knock Knock” who is this?
Its me Graphic Design im here to help you.
Yeah graphic design is all about visual communication between one another. The more creative you are more easy your reader will get your point. Its not just our government that have rules for smooth governing even graphic design have some rules for you to communicate smoothly and interestingly.
Lets start grasping, You have to relearn few words like Color, Shapes, Composition, Font. these are the important topics you have to focus on before starting your design.
For example look into the above shown designs of the artist, So unique and simple but the same time solving the need with the elegance and potential of the graphic design. The shapes, color, font are used wisely and greatly composed which gives the information the actual attention it needed and the relative design just makes the information more visually interesting.
There is no substitute for experience AKA practice , don’t get intimidated by seeing great designs and creativity start with the baby steps baby you will eventually get there and discover yourself in a new way. Please don’t be over confident too, there’s lot to learn still and we will sure update with you with the updated technologies there is. Stay Grasping.

Say Cheese

I just asked my fellow co worker to say one food item , out of all there is she said Cheese Burger, actually she said Double cheese burger, Never mind. Not only her even to all of you out there Cheese burgers is sure will be in your list of favourite foods even if you are not an American.
No matter what your age is this picture touches deep in your soul and sure will make you to change your diet plan, don’t worry its totally worth it. Unlike your girlfriend/boyfriend Cheese burger holds some secret mystery. Continue to read some interesting facts about Burgers.
1. The Cheeseburger’s Real Inventor Still Remains a Mystery
2. Some Cheeseburgers will cost more than your Cell Phone
3. The Hamburger’s Inventor is also a Mystery
4. The U.S. Government wanted to rename Hamburgers to Liberty Sandwiches
5. Most Americans live off Cheeseburgers
6. Burgers from MacDonald’s are Hardly Ever Juicy
7. The Largest Cheeseburger weighed in at over 2,000 pounds!
8. Burger King made a Burger-scented Cologne and Body Spray Line
9. A Korean Lady once dominated a 9-pounder in less than 30 Minutes


Aston martins new machine DB11 is now re-engineered with new V8 AMG engine but still retains the sexy exterior with the curves that surely grab the eyes of every man. Every human on planet dream to have a better physic year by year to look more sexier, this new sexy machine is now 115 kg less than its previous version with a V12 engine. The seamless aerodynamic design is surely a good support to this machine which brings out its extreme potential and leaves the driver awestruck while driving it.


Aston martin DB 11 comes with exciting color options in both exterior and interior. Some of the names are really cool and grabbed our attention so much that we can’t able to skip it, Selene Bronze, Diavolo Red, Chainmail Gray , Fandango Pink, Winter Wheat all these are exclusive colors that are created by Aston martin to make this curvy beast standout from its attractive competitors. The handmade custom designed interiors is sure a feather in cap for every owner of this DB 11.


If you are a Indian reading this or a human who really fell in love with the car, we know what’s running on your mind, Yeah we just read your mind and we gonna talk about the price of this sexy machine. Get!! Set!! Go!! Its Rupees 3.97 cr (ex-showroom India) equivalent to 250,000 USD and yeah that’s the price it needs to spend its dates with you.